About Us

We ain’t yer mama’s indie publishing house.

Seedpod is a literary arts collaborative and micro-publisher producing a small number of carefully prepared books of fiction and memoir each year as well as a series of flash fiction on Twitter.

Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Bloomsbury Group as well as the dawn of the era of digital reading, we labour to create a profitable literary and artistic ecosystem within which everyone thrives because we believe the collective is the key to the successes of its individuals.

Seedpod Publishing’s ongoing mission is to introduce writing that advances our collective understanding of what it is to be human through meaningful, personal engagement. Through the publishing of carefully selected and well-edited digital fiction, creative non-fiction, and non-fiction, we aim to foster continued meaningful reflection and discourse on our global culture and society.

We believe that books matter.

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Our authors are a breed of their own.

Becoming part of the Seedpod community of authors is, we like to think, a very special thing. Seedpod authors are active participants in the lives of their literary works as the books go off into the world and into readers’ eager hands. Seedpod authors:

  • Collaborate fully on the production and distribution of their books.
  • Collaborate fully on book publicity and promotion.
  • Are in touch with their readers via Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter for conversation and Q&A.
  • Are available to the media for interviews, Q&A, etc. (Inquiries via Twitter DM please).
  • Give readings in Los Angeles.
  • Are available for conversations with book clubs in Los Angeles (Inquiries via Twitter DM please).

In return, Seedpod Publishing offers:

  • The support of a publishing group that believes enthusiastically and wholeheartedly in our authors and their work.
  • Support for the fundamentals of digital publishing such as commercial registry and multi-platform production.
  • Access to stores such as Amazon, iBookstore, and Kobo.
  • Support for local events and happenings in celebration of you and your work.
  • Access to a growing group of international readers who prefer Seedpod titles for their libraries.
  • Reviews from your adoring public and selected pros.
  • Collaboration on all aspects of book production, publicity, promotion, distribution, and literary love.
  • Active promotional and marketing support for you and your work.


– – – –


We don’t need no stinkin’ DRM.

All Seedpod books are offered under standard copyright but without naughty Digital Rights Management (DRM) features that restrict your reading pleasure. Buy a Seedpod ebook and read it on your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, and on a growing list of portable devices OR print out a chapter at a time to take into the tub, if that’s how you roll. And when you’ve finished, pass your ebook file to a friend and sing its praises, because a good story is worth sharing.

We are authors Diane J. Wright and Kathryn Pope. Reading has shaped our lives and now it’s time to pass it on.


– – – –


Getting down with our bad selves.

  • We will publish literature in multiple digital formats for reading on cell phones, laptops, desktops, eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle, iPad, Kobo Reader, Sony Reader, and other digital devices.
  • Seedpod exists for readers, not consumers. Because of this, we work to have free versions of books, wherever possible, for readers to access and share with others.
  • We believe that writers can and should be supported financially by the community. Because of this, the free versions of our books are made possible by donations as well as by advertising from organizations that are doing socially just work. Our aim is to nurture the work of writers and keep literature accessible for all.

Stay with us as we grow for your reading pleasure!